High Quality Re-Upholstery

Why would you re-upholster?  Well many of us get quite attached to our old faithful’s but there comes a time when they get a little tired and no longer provide comfort or the fabric has become damaged or no longer suits your taste / colour scheme.

But then you go and look through some of the modern offerings and think that there is years’ more service in old faithful! this is when re-upholstery starts looking a lot more cost effective.

Talk to us … we can provide a complete service for re-upholstery on both modern and antique furniture, including sofas, armchairs, dining chairs – leather or fabric and in a full range of colours and textures. 

Indeed, we hold a good range of stock fabrics, and a broad range of pattern books for you to browse through which caters for traditional, modern and unique styles; we offer a home visit to discuss your requirements and a free, no obligation quotation.

Good quality re-upholstering is a very skilled craft and will dramatically transform a tired piece into a vibrant, comfortable and usable item; and whilst re-upholstering, we can add re-shaping and padding elements to enhance the comfort. Where possible we always aim to maintain the integrity of a period piece by staying as close as possible to the original composition of the design but the end choice is yours.

When considering whether to buy a new suite or to re-upholster your old one you need to bear in mind that the quality of the frame and upholstery of a reasonably priced new suite would not compare at all; due generally, to upholstered furniture manufactured before the 1940’s being of significantly better quality than that manufactured today.

Just consider the frame on your old faithful – it will almost certainly have been constructed from a hardwood and will have been properly and traditionally made using mortise and tenoned joints, glue and screws, horsehair and hand-stitched edges – Today’s trend uses inferior woods, giant staples and joints made from thin dowels.

The cost for traditional re upholstery is sometimes considered high and is certainly more than upholstery using modern foams and springs; but it does represent incredibly good value for money, and once completed your old faithful will last for many more years of service.

Good quality traditionally upholstered furniture, ought to last at least 30 years – you’d be extremely lucky to get 10 years from a good quality modern suite these days!

Leather Restoration

Over the years, leather covered furniture that still retains its original hide from the 1900s, will certainly be pretty fragile and too far gone to save, but if needed, we can still make these items look presentable -once repaired and in reality, the leather will be quite brittle and won’t survive everyday use without tearing elsewhere and this may be the right time to look at alternatives…

The most effective way to restore a leather piece is to have it traditionally reupholstered from the frame, using an off-the-peg distressed leather (some of which are really pretty convincing).

Whatever your needs, we are here to advise – please call us to discuss.