About Us

Abbey Restorations offers a furniture renovation and re-upholstery service for antique, vintage and more modern quality pieces.

We provide sympathetic restorations that ensure your treasured piece is refurbished to the highest standards (but never over-restored), bringing it back to the appearance of a well looked after period piece.

We undertake complete projects which can include wood replacement / wood restoration and re-upholstery services or indeed, smaller areas of work such as removing ring marks, dents, scratches, burns etc. … even disguising where your pet chewed or clawed the chair leg!  No project is too large or too small – we’re here to help.

We have a large stock of old and new wood to enable quality repairs and we specialise in traditional hand French Polishing which can give a depth of colour and a finish that no other product including wax, lacquer or varnish can achieve; with re-upholstery too, your item can look beautiful again. NB. we hold a large range of fabric samples and sample books (including leathers)

We’re happy to advise on what we think will work, and what won’t! but that doesn’t mean we have to adhere to the original colours – quality items such as tables, chairs, side boards, bureaus, cabinets, bed heads etc., can be brought back to life either as they were, or with a twist i.e., we can quite often change the colour of the wood to meet with your change in taste, or room redecoration – talk to us for some ideas!